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Is it mentally healthy?

Posted by: Scott Fraundorf ( UUUU SSSSS AAAAA (AmeriKKK) ) on February 08, 19100 at 00:23:37:

In Reply to: Meat is Healthy Food! posted by Lars on February 06, 19100 at 19:55:14:

: MEAT IS HEALTHY FOOD!!! It's the fat that is not.

Hardly any food in our society is healthy these days. 35 people have died from eating potatoes in the last year because the genetic alterations caused a rare form of blood disease. With all the chemicals companies add to foods, your chances for cancer are way higher. But whether meat is healthy or not. Is it mentally healthy? 90% of the grain in the world is fed to cattle which in turn means your eating habits contribute to world starvation. And do you think animals don't feel pain? Is we are all-eaters an easy way to appease your fucked up, repressed consciousness that hasn't liberated your mind from the advertising industries grasp on your consciousness. Your ideas about interaction, relationships, hygein. your fucked up insecurities. We live in a corporate totalitarian society, as all societies have been totalitarian in the 20th century It's time for total liberation of our consciouness from the behavioral constraints, and social norms, gender roles, and WORK! 75% of Americans are on anti-depressents so that they can learn to cope with the rigid social roles they are forced into. I don't blame you for being a murder, because no one in our society is in touch with their own wants and feelings. They've been regimented into slaves to the constraints of their feeble minds and corporate mind control. So maybe you should start to question what is healthy? and if you are really surviving. Your lack of compassion for animals maybe tied into a lack of compassion for yourself!

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