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Meat is Healthy Food!

Posted by: Lars ( Sweden ) on February 06, 19100 at 19:55:14:

MEAT IS HEALTHY FOOD!!! It's the fat that is not.

If you compare two people, both eating healthy, one all-eater with meat and one vegetarian, there is NO difference between them then it comes to health.

I agree that the vegeterians as a group is healthier, but that is because that vegeterians as a group, more than all-eaters, doesn't smoke, have less problems with obesity, and so on. But there is alot of healthy living meat-eaters out there to, and they are as healthy as any vegeterian.

In my books of nutrition, Human Nutrition (Garrow J.S.) and Dietietics and Nutrition for University (Abrahamsson L), they state that for a healthier life, you should eat a varied "fare" (including meat). There is NO proof whatsoever that meat is anything else than good for you. Vegeterians (and vegans) need (more than others) to think about food suplements (vitamins and minerals etc.), and that is because that we (the humans) are not made for just eating vegetarian food.

That you talk about murder, McMurder, and so on, is nothing else than a proof of just how childish you all are. We (the humans) is an all-eater, and we have been that from the first day we "were here" on this world. That you in certain areas in the world have alot of problems with obesity has nothing to do with meat, it has to do with an unheatlhy living alltogether.

I can fully agree with you who complain against McDonalds when it comes to things like treatment of emloyees and enviromental issues, and so on, but not than you call them Murders because they serve meat (the same stuff that "unnatural you" don't eat even then you are made for it).

// Master of Science (Food Chemistry and Nutrition).

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