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You just shown my 'point' , thank you!!

Posted by: Lars on February 11, 19100 at 00:49:35:

In Reply to: That's just more pro-meat nonsense from the Swedish meatball posted by MDG on February 09, 19100 at 23:21:42:

Thank you MDG!

For the first time you argued without trying to insult me (bad words, etc.

I have never said that it is impossible to find articles or scientific research supporting your views, as well as I have given references supporting mine.

What I have said is that there is NO EVIDENCE that meat (itself) is dangerous for you. And the fact that both you and I, easily (I guess it was as easy for you to find your references as it was for me to find mine) can find references that support our views shows clearly that their is lack of evidence. This is how science work.

I will go on eating meat as long as I think it's good for me, and that will be until the science community agrees about that meat is dangerous. Today they don't, and I think that I have shown that.

I understand your views and respect them, but I'm sorry for you that you can't understand and respect mine. It must be hard living in a world their you have to walk around and hate alot of people (the meat eaters). You don't have to be bought of the meat industry in order to have my views, many (the most people in the western world) have them. I work with purification of pharmaceuticals if you would like to know my profession.

One thing that I think that we can agree upon is that in order to live healthy your diet should contain alot of vegetables and little fat.

I will try to read some of the references that you gave (this because I am purely interested in nutrition). If you can help me chose 2-3 of the references I would be greatful.

Thank you again, // Lars

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