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Meat is good for you, it just depends how it was made.

Posted by: Ryan ( USA ) on February 09, 19100 at 20:52:44:

In Reply to: Cancer and Heart Disease are good for you! posted by MDG on February 08, 19100 at 17:12:35:

You know what? so far i agree with lars. Eating certain kinds of meat is harmful but things like low fat steaks are fine. Vegans have to eat certain beans with certain rices and things of that nature to get the 5 essential (or whatever the number is) amino acids that the body needs to construct muscle, bone, blood cells, and keep the immune system running smoothly. The cholesterol and fat that comes in the meat, unavoidable in most cases but you need some fat and cholesterol to survive. McDonalds meat cannot even be classified as meat if what i have seen here is true. It is ground poop chemically treated and colored to look like meat. The reason this meat has adrenaline and other chemicals of the like is because of the way McDonalds kills the cows. If they would use a chemical injection that totally excretes from the body before death they would have all of that out of the meat before the cow went to slaughter.(and there are chemicals like that out there)

Now in conclusion meat is healthy as long as the fat content is low. Meat is also healthy as long as it is taken from the animal in the calmest way possible as to not get fear chemicals in there.

Meat is good for you, it just depends how it was made.

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