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Cancer and Heart Disease are good for you!

Posted by: MDG on February 08, 19100 at 17:12:35:

In Reply to: Meat is Healthy Food! posted by Lars on February 06, 19100 at 19:55:14:

: MEAT IS HEALTHY FOOD!!! It's the fat that is not.

Meat is fatty -- no way around that.

Meat has cholesterol, which leads to heart disease.

Meat is hard & slow to digest, which leads to colon cancer.

Meat is rife with oxidants, which leads to cancer and ages the body.

Modern meat is full of hormones, antibiotics, concentrated pesticides, bacteria, and filth. Yum!

Vegetarians, in study after study, are healthier overall. They have less cancer & heart disease & osteoperosis, to name a few ailments. They live longer. They weigh less. They have more energy.

Meat is not healthy for the animals which die for you to put their dead flesh in your mouth.

Lars, you make no sense whatsoever.

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