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Bullshit, you don't get Cancer from meat!

Posted by: Lars ( Sweden ) on February 09, 19100 at 11:16:22:

In Reply to: Cancer and Heart Disease are good for you! posted by MDG on February 08, 19100 at 17:12:35:

: : MEAT IS HEALTHY FOOD!!! It's the fat that is not.

: Meat is fatty -- no way around that.

If you think meat is fatty, you are completly crazy. Pure meat is fairly poor in fat. From where have you got that meat overall is fatty?

Regular Ham contains 1.5-6 % fat.
Fillet of beef contains 2-3 % fat.
Grounded beef contains 10-20 % fat.

As you see above the content of fat in meat is rather low (compare fillet with grounded beef). It is recommended that the "fare" should contain no less than 20-25 energi % fat, this to ensure health.

Fat is not only bad for you, a certain amount is an absolute need. This because we are geneticly coded to eat meat and fat. One Proof of this is that eating meat is the only way to a natural intake of essential amino acids and essential fatty acids. Anything else is a lie!!!

: Meat has cholesterol, which leads to heart disease.

It's mainly the fat that contains cholesterol. If you eat meat with low fat you will eat only small amounts of cholesterol. In order to have low values of "blod-cholesterol" you should avoid to eat too much saturated fat. In southern europe there people eat more unsaturated fat (together with meat) you have much less suffering of heart disease. So don't blame the meat! You should do your homework better!!!

: Meat is hard & slow to digest, which leads to colon cancer.

It is fat (and not meat) that make the food hard & slow to digest. Read nutrition!!! Protein (from meat) isn't hard to digest and doesn't lead to colon cancer!!! Do your homework better!!!

: Meat is rife with oxidants, which leads to cancer and ages the body.

Did you invent that yourself? Give me scientific references!

: Modern meat is full of hormones, antibiotics, concentrated pesticides, bacteria, and filth. Yum!

In europe we avoid american meat just because of antibiotics. In Sweden, for instance, it's not allowed to use antibiotics when breading animals, just because of that we don't want it in our food. Concentrated pesticides are all over unfortunately, even in vegetables. The same counts for bacterias. But bacterias is not dangerous just because they are bacterias. You would for instance be dead if not for bacterias!! It seems to me that you better stop eating (and living) if you're afraid of pesticides and bacterias?!!?

: Vegetarians, in study after study, are healthier overall. They have less cancer & heart disease & osteoperosis, to name a few ailments. They live longer. They weigh less. They have more energy.

I don't give much for your studies, if you can't give me som good scientific references.

I my opinion you should eat av varied "fare" containing both meat and vegetables, and you should always think about the fat content. This way you will live both healthier and happier.

: Meat is not healthy for the animals which die for you to put their dead flesh in your mouth.

: Lars, you make no sense whatsoever.

MDG, you should really go back to school. Everything that I have wrote you can find in any books (with scientific height) about nutrition. Where do I find you "facts", on this homepage?

// Master of Science (Food Chemistry and Nutrition).

McSpotlight: The UN World Health Organisation (WHO) has linked a diet high in meat to heart disease and cancer of the breast and bowel.

And it's certainly not an 'absolute need' - otherwise there would be no vegans alive; which there are.

As for bacteria; it's true that we need them to survive; it's also true that meat is responsible for 70%+ of all attacks of food poisoning; eating meat exposes you to a higher risk of diet-related disease.

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