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It isn't the meat that makes the difference..

Posted by: Lars on February 15, 19100 at 18:13:06:

In Reply to: A few don't, but the vast majority do indict meat-eating (better version) posted by MDG on February 14, 19100 at 18:49:33:

: Well, you'll also find a few scientists who say tobacco isn't bad for you, or that global warming isn't happening, but the vast majority have concluded that tobacco is harmful, global warming is happening, and vegetairans are healthier than meat eaters.

You're probably right that vegetarians as an group probably is healthier than all-eaters. I can agree with you about that. But that doesn't prove that meat is harmful. Why? Because there are other factors (such as smoking habits, obesity, etc) to consider then comparing the two groups, not only if they eat meat.

The truth is that every vegetarian isn't healthier than every all-eaters, and that there are many healthy meat eaters out there too, and they are as healthy as any vegetarians.

If you want to find out if meat is unhealthy you need to compare the right things, you need for instance to compare two groups of people both living healthy with the only diffenrence that one of the groups eats meat.

I would believe that a vast majority of the scientists believe both that vegetarians is healthier as a group, but also that it isn't the meat itself that makes that difference. It's more factors like fat, smoking, obesity, and so on, that makes people sick not the meat.

Healthy eating meateaters are as healthy as any vegetarian!!!

// Lars

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