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Posted by: Prana 69 ( Australia ) on February 27, 19100 at 17:11:25:

MDG - thanks for your excellent, well considered responses to Lars. It must be frustrating to have to constantly repeat your responses in the light of Lars' continual misrepresentation of, and inability and/or refusal (which = ignorance) to understand the entirety of your position (not just the 'health' aspect).

LARS - This issue goes far beyond the question of whether meat or veg. is a better diet, and you consistently fail to consider both the merits of MDG's argument and it's several points.

On environmental grounds, the argument in favour of vegetarianism cannot be disputed. Comparisons of rates of yield in grain vs. meat as well as environmental preservation (soil, air, water) clearly favour vegetarianism.

On social and humanitarian grounds, vegetarianism is a clear winner. Substitution of grain for beef production could feed the starving many times over. In fact, just directing the current volumes of grain produced for the meat industry to human consumption would immediately end world hunger.

On ethical grounds, there is no valid argument that human animals (yes, Lars, we are all animals!) are of any greater 'value' than non-human animals. I challenge you to find any evidence or present any logical argument to refute this claim.

Now, try debating the entire argument.

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