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Posted by: MDG on February 29, 19100 at 13:38:27:

In Reply to: MDG & LARS posted by Prana 69 on February 27, 19100 at 17:11:25:

: MDG - thanks for your excellent, well considered responses to Lars. It must be frustrating to have to constantly repeat your responses in the light of Lars' continual misrepresentation of, and inability and/or refusal (which = ignorance) to understand the entirety of your position (not just the 'health' aspect).

Thanks for the support, Prana. After a while it became clear that there was no further point in my debating Lars, and yes, it was frustrating to have almost all of my arguments dismissed as "sick," etc.

Lars started out by calling people who equate meat with murder "childish." Given this lack of respect for animal rights advocates, nothing he said afterwards truly surprised me.

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