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You keep missing the point.

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: I don't think that i absolve maccas of their responsibility, but i place more importance on individual responsibility and accountability..which alot of people in this room seem to quickly absolve themself of.

Did you suddenly wake up one morning and know all there was to know about the downside of McDonalds? Of course not. After decades of McDonalds advertising and propaganda from the fast food/meat industry, activists such as McSpotlight struck back. If it wasn't for contrary information put out by opponents of McSpotlight and fast food, you'd probably still be eating Big Macs and thinking that meat came from cows which were raised on pretty meadows and died of old age. This is an anti-McDonalds website, so OF COURSE the posts here are aimed at McDonalds. Don't complain about a website doing what it was created to do. If you want a website that only extols the virtues of vegetarianism, go to another website. This website exists to educate people about McDonalds in particular, and fast food and meat in general, so that they can one day be as well-informed as you (though hopefully less scornful of those who haven't yet learned what you had the privilege of learning first).


: so u are blaming maccas for people liking their food???- individual accountablility!!!!

People like crack cocaine, too. Should we therefore absolve those who make it available to them from any responsibility? McDonalds not only knowingly makes and sells unhealthy food, it goes out of its way to sell it to children. How about some accountability on the people supplying the garbage?

: However, there is no denying that fast food is bad, unhealthy food, so why take issue when this fact is illuminated?

: i'm not saying that maccas food is good, healthy stuff. i am taking the issue because almost everybody is quick to blame maccas when, in my opinion, u can't place all the blame on maccas just for putting out a product that millions of people make a PERSONAL DECISION to eat the crap.

As I said above, THIS IS AN ANTI-MCDONALDS WEB SITE! Why are you then surprised that people here criticize McDonalds?

: do u drive a car?? i assume u are using electricity to power up your computer!!!! i assume that u go to the toilet and flush it into the ocean!!! do u have an electric or gas cooking stove??? are u blaming the companies that produce these wonderful inventions that u and everybody else in the world take for granted?? these wonderful inventions that probably do more damage to the environment them maccas ever could!!!

Sooner or later it was bound to come to this: criticizing people for leading non-ideal lives in a non-ideal world. Yes, as a homo sapiens circa 2000, I do things which harm the environment. However, I try to minimize these things wherever possible, and lobby my political leaders to regulate those areas where they can (e.g. my toilet does not flush directly into the ocean -- the effluence goes to a waste treatment facility first), and fund research to minimize or eliminate the harm our society inflicts on the world. There is a vast difference between trying to minimize the damage one does, and throwing up ones hands and saying, well, if we do a little damage, then why not do alot, so lets all eat at McDonalds and throw our wrappers on the ground! That makes no sense.

: in regards to the animals - a serious question....is the fact that maccas (or their suppliers) are cruel to the animals and treat them bad or is because they kill them???

Because a healthy vegetarian diet is a reality, killing animals for food is bad. However, a bad situation is made absolutely horrendous by the institutional cruelty of modern factory farming. Would I still object to eating meat if animals were raised on pleasant pastures or fields and killed mercifully, rather than raised in boxes and killed brutally? Yes, but I'd be much, much less disturbed by the whole thing. It's the difference between being tortured to death, and a quick, painless death. Both end badly, but which would you prefer?

: hypothetically speaking, what would u suggest???

An immediate end to factory farms. An immediate end to legal cruelty to animals. An intelligently carried-out conversion to world vegetarianism.

: : Indeed. Admit what you already know: McDonalds and its ilk are not good for anyone or anything.

[snipped because you repeated your earlier points here, and I'd be repeating myself answering them].

: : : --
: : : McSpotlight: McDonald's do their best to create the demand for their burgers; as such, they are guilty of advertising a diet known to be unhealthy;

: exactly, 'known to be unhealthy', yet millions of people still make the decision to buy the crap. it is there (individuals)lack of respect for themselves and their enviroment which are just as guilty.
: are car yards guilty of advertising a product known to affect the environment??

: especially give the evidence that the majority of their custom comes from the users classed as 'heavy' or 'super-heavy' users; i.e. those who eat an unhealthy amount of McDonald's food in the first place.

: blame maccas because these people CHOOSE to be unhealthy, 'heavy' users??

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