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Not everything about McDonalds is Bad!!

Posted by: Andrew ( McDonalds, Australia ) on February 22, 19100 at 18:49:27:

I work for a mcdonalds store in vitoria. i watched your show tonight on SBS. while some of the things you say are true i have been working at mcdonalds since i was 14 and 9 months old and have worked my way up form crew to a manager. I go to university and work at mcdonalds so i can pay my bills. I am part time and work 24 hours a week.

I love my job!!! I get paid very well and i like working their. Maybe my store is a one-in-a-million store, but some of the things that you outlined in your show are a best slightly biased.

Fine make a protest and say what you want. But remember mcdonalds employees a lot of people, even in australia over 60,000, whom are able to work and earn money to support themselves. People such as uni students, school students, and younger people owe alot to mcdonalds, not just for the money and experiance they gain working for a large corporation but for the invaluable people skills and working know-how that they are taught from a young age.

I know McDonalds is not the most environmentally friendly corporation but for a company of its size it is by far not the worst.

I respect what you guys say and having the guts to do it, but you have to respect that McDonalds is not the devil and if they closedown for good i will not have a job and thus i will not be able to pay my rent!!


McSpotlight: Fine, but does that give McDonald's the right to sue people for saying things they don't agree with?

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