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throw away food

Posted by: Andrea Strnad ( US ) on January 29, 1997 at 19:15:31:

In Reply to: Re: Advertising posted by mark on December 15, 1996 at 18:35:53:

> A good point, but your tastebuds are blind.
> So for actual similarities between the burger you just
> bought and the one in the photo, eat out of the dumpster
> around back. Its alot less crowded, certainly cheaper,
> and you can eat the full meal deal.

An EXCELLENT point that is the main reason, before I heard about
the McLibel case at all, why I refuse to go to Mcdonalds: I do not
believe in throwing away perfectly "good" (if you can call the
junk they sell as food good) food.

Waste is criminal, especially when people are starving everywhere.
Even Mom wouldn't let you leave the table until the plate was clean,
and yet for some reason we totally ignore the mass amounts of food
thrown out by restaurants. It's truely appalling.

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