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you haven't followed the story

Posted by: Jess on June 20, 1997 at 03:28:10:

In Reply to: You lost posted by David Farrar on June 19, 1997 at 23:24:07:

> You think the publicity from the case has actually harmed McDonalds - not at
> all. I know not a single person who doesn't eat there because of it and in
> fact you have probably helped their sales by keeping their names in the
> headlines.

Well, meet one. I live in NZ. I am a vegan, but because of some of the things I've learned about McDonalds, I wouldn't even go there for a lettuce-burger. My money will go elsewhere. Also, I do what I can to divert my friends elsewhere.

Mud sticks, and McDonalds is covered with McMud.

> Look at the growth rate of McDs over the last few years - it has been
> staggering. McDoanlds should pay you all a commission - their legal costs
> would have been money well spent - probably recorded as advertising.

You may believe this, but McDonalds doesn't. They've been desperately containing the issue throughout. Your comments simply show you haven't followed the story. Until you do, you will only be raising issues already answered.

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