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Animals don't display sense of betrayal

Posted by: George ( UK ) on June 27, 1997 at 11:23:42:

In Reply to: connect to the rest of creation posted by Dian on June 25, 1997 at 23:05:27:

: : :I enjoy eating meat, I consume a balanced diet and I feel healthy. I have 'fast food' around once a month, but I eat meat 4-5 times each week. Should every producer of animal products be pursued?

: More nonsense, George. While "fast food" is wrong for all the reasons stated above, meat eating has been clearly and conclusively linked to degenerative disease in humans, as well as in animals ("mad cow"). Ethically, taking a healthy animal, subjecting it to confinement and its ills, and then killing it in order to consume its flesh, has been compared and appropriately, I believe, to the genocide practiced during WWII. Isaac Bashevis Singer has said that until humans cease flesh eating, there will always be war. George, consider this empathetic exercise: imagine yourself an animal, destined for slaughter. Imagine yourself at birth, taken from your mother, confined in darkness and solitude until the time you are taken for slaughter. The fear, the terror, the sense of betrayal. Do this exercise until you are able to feel again the connection you have apparently lost to the rest of creation. Then, change is inevitable.

I'm sure you will find this all very hard to accept but, I have never seen an animal, other than a human, display a sense of betrayal. I can not ascribe to any philosophy which dares to compare the consumption of an omnivorous diet with the genocide that occurred during the second world war. I would be saddened to see you present that arguement to a survivor.

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