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You should post together with your wife.

Posted by: Quincunx on November 17, 1997 at 15:21:51:

In Reply to: doing justice and humanity a favor. posted by Lang Tran on November 15, 1997 at 23:51:09:

Lang: I'm not suggesting that people protest the Food Chain, so your half-baked response here is not a serious one. Your story about you being served McMeals in state prison is pretty funny, but don't waste my time with your stupid jokes.

Qx: Are you semi-literate? If you don't want to read something then SKIP IT. If you feel your time is so precious then why don't you try questioning how you allot your time instead of bickering over my posting? If you don't have a sense of humor then don't be stupid about humor and type out knee-jerk reactions like this posting.

Lang: If you don't give a damn about dying children, well that's your 'freedom of choice.' Personally, I don't think it's something to joke about.

Qx: You have a poor sense of interpretation if I say so myself. I never said a goddamn thing about "joking about starving children " so don't take your misunderstandings of my first posting too seriously when it was just a funny thing about the food chain. Do you have a sense of humor or do you see yourself as "more caring about others" and try to throw your projections onto me?

Lang: What I am advocating that people, anyone with a conscious make this much more of an issue, the connection between genocide and starvation, the connection between McDonald's and those little kids on TV who die from malnutrition and preventable disease.

Qx: OK,Ok. So you made your point and your "precious time" has been wasted by even thinking about McDonald's. Have a sense of humor next time around or it'll just backfire on you.

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