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Re: people of cuba do not complain about the state

Posted by: GERARD ( D, N.IRELAND ) on January 06, 1998 at 16:59:14:

In Reply to: Re: people of cuba do not complain about the state posted by SqushyJim on December 31, 1997 at 16:24:28:

: While I can respect your views on capitalism and such, you make too broad of a statement without fact, and assert that people of Cuba do not complain. This cannot be anything close to a true statement whatsoever.
O.K. bit of a sweeping statement but then somepeople will complain to God about the conditions in paradise.

:Many exiles from Cuba have railed against the Castro Government, as with many other dictatorship regimes.
Why are these people exiles? maybe they are a bunch of terrorists who tried to lead an invasion against the free state at the bay of pigs? If I got an army together and attacked America I'll bet if we werent all killed that so many people would be baying for my blood that I'd have to leave your country.
:The bottom line is that seemingly no form of government or leadership will suit anybody at any time.
No that's not the bottom line, you yankees have got a fixation with the evil powers of the state this is just bullshit. A state is what happens when all the people of a nation collectively organise for protection etc.

What's wrong with a state is when it behaves as a force removed from the people a power onto itself or as it does in the US serves a minority of the financial elite instead of the people.

:Dissention will be a constant, no matter what form of organization is set up to run a state or country.
Why? you are convinced of this I assume now convince me.

:Dictatorship, communism, and anarchy have proven to have as much corrupting power as any, including the republic we have in the U.S.
Yes but that's the past why cant we build a future?

: It is obvious that greed and over-stepping sound judgement is inherent in a capitalism-based society, but an unrealistic painting of a pretty picture, asserting that other forms of government are perfect in their concept is not based on reality.
What is reality my friend that is one dimensional thinking they just manufactured concent.

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