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Posted by: SquishyJim ( USA ) on January 11, 1998 at 21:02:24:

In Reply to: Re: people of cuba do not complain about the state posted by GERARD on January 06, 1998 at 16:59:14:

While I can respect your views on capitalism and such, you make too broad of a statement without fact, and assert that people of Cuba do not complain. This cannot be anything close to a true statement whatsoever.

: O.K. bit of a sweeping statement but then somepeople will complain to God about the conditions in paradise.

--This is the point I trying to make, but related poorly later on when I stated that dissention is a constant. What I meant to say was that no matter what form of government is prevelant, there will always be groups that disagree with the mechanism of that government. I think we have general agreement on this particular issue.

: Why are these people exiles? maybe they are a bunch of terrorists who tried to lead an invasion against the free state at the bay of pigs? If I got an army together and attacked America I'll bet if we werent all killed that so many people would be baying for my blood that I'd have to leave your country.

--True, this is a distinct possibility, but another possible reason is that some of these people could simply be anti-regime believers who were targeted simply for thier political views. Purging the dissenters is a common form of control, in almost any political system.

What's wrong with a state is when it behaves as a force removed from the people a power onto itself or as it does in the US serves a minority of the financial elite instead of the people.

--I can't say as I disagree. A bit of a generalization, but rings true. But you have to look at the root of how the state can turn into such an animal, and it has to point at the people themselves, in short, pure apathy. In America, the number of people that turn out to vote on election day is pitiful. If the general population is sick and tired of the government pandering to big business, they need to take a more active role. The problem stems from an extremely jaded view of politicians, the belief that one is as bad as the next. I have to admit that I have had the same feelings at times.

:Dictatorship, communism, and anarchy have proven to have as much corrupting power as any, including the republic we have in the U.S.
: Yes but that's the past why cant we build a future?

Ah, but it is not the past. Unfortunately, these forms are still alive and healthy in the present. I do heartily agree with the statement of building a future, but I think we can agree that it is a monumental task, not to mention long overdue.

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