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Re: Anti-McDonald's Day of Action

Posted by: Ateneo Libertario de Zaragoza ( Centro Social Libertario, sPAIN ) on September 28, 1996 at 23:29:05:

In Reply to: Anti-McDonald's Day of Action posted by Mary Bradwell on August 01, 1996 at 10:50:13:

> A friend told me that somebody (either the McLibel Support Camapaign
> or London Greenpeace) will be organising a national day of action
> against all the McDonald's stores in the UK on some day in
> October. I would like to get involved with this. Is there any
> information on the site about how to get involved? If not,
> who should I contact? Who is organising the day etc?

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> McSpotlight replies:

> There will be a day of action on this year's World Anti-McDonald's Day - October 16th.
> Loads more information about it will be available on McSpotlight shortly - for now, you can 'sign up' to help with the leafleting via the Anti-McDonald's pledge page. Hundreds of people have already done this, and their contact details have been passed on to their local area coordinators who will contact them nearer the time.

> Happy leafleting.

> McSpotlight

Hello. I write from the Ateneo Libertario de Zaragoza
(sPAIN). We want to make some action on the Worldwide
Day of Action Against McDonald's.

We'd like to get more info.

>Loads more information about it will be available
>on McSpotlight shortly

Please send us a mail when available. Thanks.

Ateneo Libertario de Zaragoza

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