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Posted by: STILL NEED HELP!!! ( U.S. ) on July 21, 1998 at 09:54:59:

Please can someone help me?

Where do you go when McDonalds and the Government attack one of your family members?

It seems to me that we should get fair treatment we pay taxes maybe not as much as Mcdonalds but than again we don,t make 40 billion a year..

Could someone please explain to me when it was that McDonalds and the Government became one?? Does the Government only work for those that have more money.... as far as civil and criminal cases are concerned?

My Husband is now in a Federal prison, because he dare go up against the Big Mac.

They took a civil case and with the help of the government turned it into a criminal case!!!

My Husband was in over 120 news paper articles and on various radio shows. Why? because McDonalds with all their conection and power were able to win the case even before his trail began.

My husband and I are happy that he did not take a plead bargin, We stood our ground and now must suffer for it.

The appeal has already been heard. so we now wait for their opinion.

I come to the bebating room not for myself but for others that could be facing the same fate as my husband.

Who can we count on for help? Who can we trust? Does the government get kick backs from McDonalds??? How do we find out? Can we file a class action suit against Mac? Are there enough people out there that have had promlems and could not afford to bring action against the Mac???

These are just a few of the many questions I would like answered.

can anyone Help?????

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