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Right on some things...wrong on others

Posted by: Joshua Wilkinson ( McDonald's Australia, Australia ) on February 04, 1999 at 19:47:00:

Dear readers,
I am posting this message to clarify a few things about McDonalds in Australia. Let it be known I am a 15 yo crew trainer and a Mcdonalds on the North Shore of Sydney. I have worked happily here for a year now.

Firstly conditions at my store are quite good, sure i have to work hard and the pays not that great but thats essentially what a first job is all about. Im quite satisfied I have not been mistreated, my managers are friendly and courteous as they should be.

Secondly food in our store is always fresh, meaning although it might not be the best quality it is also fresh and hot, no one ever said McDonalds was healthly so if you dont like just dont eat there.

Finally our beef etc is from abbatoirs that are not cruel to animals, i know i have seen it myself. PLease feel free to email me with any comments or statements or disagreements you might have

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