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Found: A McFeedback Address!

Posted by: GnetkThrobac ( Canada ) on April 27, 1999 at 11:58:34:

In Reply to: VERY BAD FOOD posted by Larry Williams on January 05, 1998 at 12:47:30:

i found a page in the McDonalds web page that allows you to send comments regarding a specfic U.S. McDonalds Restaurant

Contacting McDonalds
McSpotlight: Yeees. Very interesting. Thanks for the link. Even if the feedback page is so obscurely constructed as to be nearly unusable; you have to navigate through five or six different levels before you come across anything you can enter text into...

The Terms and Conditions are worth a read too; the feedback is only open to the US and they are basically saying that they can take your words, alter them in whatever way they see fit and then use them in advertising.

In fact, here they are (and remember kids, that they're the exclusive property of McDonald's Inc. and worldwide affiliates...)

"McDonald's Customer E-mail Center Terms and Conditions

U.S. E-mail Box Only: McDonald's Customer E-mail Center is presently available only to McDonald's customers located in the U.S.

To share feedback regarding a McDonald's restaurant located outside the U.S., please refer to the list of McDonald's International Offices. Hours of Service for McDonald's Customer E-mail Center: Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Central Time.

Submission of Ideas: McDonald's values customer feedback. However, McDonald's will not accept or consider unsolicited ideas, suggestions, or materials, so we must ask you not to send us your ideas for our business. We hope that you understand that it is the intent of this policy to avoid the possibility of future misunderstandings when products or other McDonald's promotions or initiatives developed by McDonald's professional staff might seem to others similar to their own creative work.

If, despite this request, you send us suggestions or ideas ("Submissions"), the Submissions shall be deemed to have been submitted voluntarily and shall remain the property of McDonald's Corporation. Subject only to the limitations set forth in McDonald's Privacy Policy, McDonald's shall have the right to copy, distribute, transmit, perform, display, modify, adapt, and otherwise use your Submission for any purpose whatsoever (including, without limitation, in the development, manufacture and marketing of products and services based on or incorporating ideas, know-how and techniques contained in your Submission), in all forms and media (including, without limitation, by means of the Internet or other electronic media) throughout the world. McDonald's shall assume no duty of confidentiality, express or implied, with respect to any Submission and will have no liability for the use or disclosure of your Submission.

Accordingly, McDonald's will have no obligation to treat your Submission as confidential or to compensate you or anyone else for your Submission or any use of your Submission by McDonald's or others."

So, feel free to use it, but be warned; you could end up being used by McDonald's for advertising purposes, and what they say you said could well have no resemblence to what you actually said!

Rex, McSpotlight

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