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Posted by: Larry Williams ( USA ) on January 05, 1998 at 12:47:30:

I was wondering how I can E-Mail McDonalds for a specific location to make a complaint. We (family) ate at McDonalds in Milford Delaware tonight and it had to be the worst, dried up, no flavor, no taste, lousyest, smelliest #7 chicken sandwich I ever tried to eat. Not only that, while there we saw atleast 5 other people return their food and ask for a refund. We have eaten at McDolalds all over the entire East coast but this was the worst by far.
I will probably get a response saying this is a privately owned McDonalds and there is no sense in making a complaint.
Its a shame but we searched McDonalds web stght trying to find an E-Mail address to complain to with no luck. Please help if you can. Thanks

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