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Posted by: Lance Boyle ( People for the Eating of Tasty Animals, USA ) on May 13, 1999 at 18:05:32:

If you don't want to eat meat, then don't. I do.
If you don't want to eat at McDonald's, then don't. I do.
Nobody is forced to eat or work there.
There has NEVER been any proof of deception in ingredient claims by McDonald's corporation.
I don't tell you where or what to eat, so don't try to tell me.
If any laws have been broken by them, tell it to the authorities.

Once again, what I can see is the anger of those who resent the success of others (the corporation) or the pleasure of others (the millions of satisfied customers).

And where are the organizations like PETA when it comes to the creul "sport" of horse racing? Perhaps large contributions are made to quiet the opposition? (Just my opinion - no proof)

McSpotlight: Court witness statement from Stephen Gardner; former Assistent Attorney General of Texas (sworn under oath);

"12. We investigated McDonald's for a series of advertisements that promoted McDonald's food as nutritious. From an analysis of the content of McDonald's food as a whole, it was determined that McDonald's food was, as a whole, not nutritious. Virtually all of the products sold by McDonald's contained one or more attributes- such as high fat, high saturated fat, high sodium content, and various additives- that made them food that should be avoided. Therefore an advertising campaign that depicted McDonald's as a purveyor of healthy, nutritious foods-as this campaign did-was deceptive and therefore illegal under the laws of the States of California, New York, and Texas.

(Taken from Stephen Gardner's witness statement)

"There has NEVER been any proof of deception"? Think again...

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