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Why Attack Mcdonald's?

Posted by: whomevewer on November 03, 1996 at 18:11:14:

Why the Attack on McDonald's? Is it wrong to make money?

Oh, they are sacrificing the lives of some cows to make money.
What's the big deal? The grocery stores do it. Other restuarants
do it, but yet, the attack is on McDonald's. However, I am sure
that all the people attacking McDonald's because they sell beef,
are also attacking all the major car companies and don't have
vehicles because they don't want to pollute the air. I am sure
that they don't smoke becuase they don't believe in endangering
the lives of others or themselves.

I am sure that the companies that they work for are companies
that are non-profit organizations. I am sure that they don't
use any kind of paper products, including toilet paper, because
they don't want to harm the environment or cut down trees.

And of course, they don't produce any trash either
becuase that of course harms our environment, pollutes our rivers,
and in turns kills our animals. Yeah, I guess since these
individuals do all that, they are certainly in a position to
condemn McDonald's.

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