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Posted by: Emma+Chris ( england ) on December 08, 1999 at 11:19:03:

In Reply to: What's wrong getting a fast bite to eat? posted by marcie on September 28, 1999 at 12:29:11:

Although you work for McDonalds have you been informed correctly of their involvement with destroying rainforests for the raising of cheap cattle! We have been very disturbed by the information that we were given on the Mclibel case in business studies.

Especially the way McDonalds picked on two poor individuals with little money to spare. We felt that there was no point in taking the case to court as it really just wasted everyones time and money! The money wasted could have been spent on making the burgers and mc chicken sandwiches CHEAPER cos they are a RIP OFF.

Also on another note why do you never put enough onions in with your big macs and put the horrible scanky lettuce in with the mc chicken sandwiches???????
Could you possibly reply to our lovely message as we love McDonalds!!!!!

Lots of love Emma and Chris xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

McSpotlight: We don't work for McDonald's. McSpotlight exists to get the information revealed in the McLibel Trial to the wider world; we're not affiliated to them or supported by them in any way; and we'd like to see McDonald's destroyed for the common good of the world and the people.

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