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Posted by: Andrew T. ( McD, UK ) on January 20, 19100 at 18:39:01:

1. Sting, who is a tireless campaigner for the protection of the rainforests wrote a letter years ago supporting McDonald's and thanking them for not being invloved in rain forest destruction.

2. In the U.K., when the B.S.E. scare began, it was McDonald's who stopped serving beef - because it was British. It was other comapines who put notices in their shop windows saying that their beef was safe because it was South American.

3. London Greenpeace have been officially denounced by Greenpeace and have also been told not to use the name 'Greenpeace'.

Why don't all of the people slating McDonald's either
a) get perfect - e.g. don't use wood, leather, any animal products or by-products
b) get on the next band wagon - I expect you'll be doing it forever at someone else's expense......

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