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I was disturbed to read the replies

Posted by: Iva ( Instit. for Consumer Responsiblity, USA ) on July 01, 1999 at 01:41:52:

In Reply to: food service and retail don't have great reputations as employers posted by Mike Bacon on June 08, 1999 at 12:50:18:

I was disturbed to read the replies to Sherri's complaints about the customers that she encounters during the work day. I was not sure if she was referring to regular shoppers or perhaps some harrament she received from "culture jammers". No matter, she should not be attacked, even if the attack was mild. Perhaps she doesn't have the option of "getting out of the kitchen", it could be the only kitchen in town. Not having the option of leaving could be adding to her frustration. The important thing is she is speaking up and checking out this alternative site. I feel everyone's time would be much better spent and much more would be gained if we tried to link these dissatisfied employees with the movements against their abusive employers. Instead of accusing them of laziness, because who can really put their whole heart into a job they dispise and doesn't even pay them enough to support themselves, we should be speaking with them. We should be putting OUR whole hearts into the efforts to help employees, all employees, to empower themselves. Let's forget the infighting and work together to build a movement that will encourage all to work to make the world better for employees, customers, and bosses who for the time being may not see another way of operating their business. Let's just make the effort, and the rewards will be great.

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