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Posted by: Learned from Experience on August 20, 1999 at 12:59:20:

In Reply to: I was disturbed to read the replies posted by Iva on July 01, 1999 at 01:41:52:

talk talk talk!!! Haven't you learned yet!! America's automoble industry almost went bankrupt for the same idealiogy your presenting now (employees are first, more pay, more benefits, etc.). The employees wanted so much they caused their on demise. factory after factory shut down, SHUT DOWN! Can't you get it through your thick head!!! YOU CAN'T HAVE EVERYTHING!!! THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND ONLY YOU!!! We have to work together through good and bad. Just like one of the replies said, it is to be expected that a percentage of customers are going to be bad. You are getting payed to deal with that. If you are stuck with that job and you can't change jobs, ooohhh wwweeelll!!!! that's life! We can't have everything. We all have to deal with it and we all have to take chances. You may have to take some loss in order to gain and even then your taking a chance, THAT's LIFE!!!, Deal with it!!! You think that all you supposed to do is open the door and KAZAAM! money, mansion, good life, there waiting for you! GET A LIFE!! lol How do you think alot of people who's got the money, made it!! They took a chance. If they didn't succeed they tried again and again until they got where they wanted to be. I'm sure they had alot of losses but being positive can get you on track even through the rough spots. If all you going to do is complain and not try to work with it. What is working with it? Just like the other reply said, Bare with it! your job is a customer service orientated job (smile). If it's that bad go get your manager to deal with it (that's his job) and then you go about your job again (smile, customer service). Simple!! It doesn't take a college degree to figure that out. But it does take COMMON SENSE!!!

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