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Wal-Mart will do what ever it has to do to cover it's ass.

Posted by: David Carroll on September 15, 1999 at 22:34:36:

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Wal-Mart has many issues concerning it's associates. In an attempt to fool the world into believing that they care about them, Wal-Mart will do what ever it has to do to cover it's ass. Even their system for coaching associates for improvement is contradictory to their hiring policy. The policy states that associates are to get 3 verbal warnings before a written coaching. In the store where I work this rule does not apply and several associates have had written coachings without any warning at all. What is not known is that in the personel guide managers are told that they can circumvent the verbal coachings if they so chose. What Wal-mart really needs is unionization. This is the only way that associates can be protected when their store management team is incompetent.
I have seen associates take the blame for things assistant managers have done. My store manager sais when asked why this happens.."they have to learn from their mistakes". This may be true but the associates lose when management screws up. A union would not allow this to happen.

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