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What actions were taken

Posted by: Dan Rose ( Hungry Jacks Queensland, Australia ) on September 27, 1999 at 02:00:14:

In Reply to: In the nooze: Hindu couple battles fast-food giant posted by Hugh Morris on September 01, 1999 at 11:40:00:

I work for Hungry Jacks, and I cashier as well as prepare the food, so I know the routine fairly well. Understandably I don't know much about Taco Bell, but I have a few questions and suggestions

1. Although rice is a legume, and not a meat product, did the customer SPECIFY that it was not to be mixed with any meat product ?
2. What actions were taken before Small Claims court ?



: Lincoln, Nebraska:

: A Hindu couple have failed to convince a judge that Taco Bell should help pay their way to India because they were inadvertently served meat.

: Siva Rama Krishna Valluru and wife Sailaja--lifelong vegetarians--said they found meat in rice they had eaten at a Taco Bell restaurant in Novenber.

: Eating meat is a sin for some Hindus, and the Vallurus wanted the fast-food chain to help pay for a trip to India so they could be cleansed in a purification ceremony in the Ganges River.

: The company refused, and the couple filed a claim in Lancaster County Small Claims Court, seeking $2,100 each.

: County Judge Jean Lowell dismissed the claim Wednesday because it did not show the rice was tainted or unfit for human consumption.

: She also said damages claimed by the couple were not foreseeable, even if the restaurant broke a contract to serve them meatless rice.

: Valluru, a doctoral student in agriculture at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, said that he and his wife plan to go to India anyway.

: "It's a must for me that I do it," he said.

: --Associated Press

: Hugh Morris

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