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I like to be slapped!

Posted by: Mike Bacon ( Beat me! Whip me!, N. TX, USA ) on November 29, 1999 at 12:21:06:

In Reply to: BUY NOTHING DAY!! posted by Nicki on November 26, 1999 at 11:41:04:

: hey folks,


: Just a reminder, Friday November 26 is BUY NOTHING DAY. It's a worldwide event aimed at slapping our over-consuming culture in the face

Oooohhh! How kinky!

(and the pocket book). It's a celebration of life without unessential commodities.

Commodities unessential?! I beg to differ! I just flushed the last of my holiday dinner down one of them 45 minutes ago!

The whole idea is to PARTICIPATE BY NOT PARTICIPATING. Don't buy anything on the 26th if you care about our planet.

OK, now to get serious, how is the simple act of making a $$$ transaction "hurting our planet"? On Friday, bad boy that I am, I bought my pickup a full tank of gas, and a trip thru the coin-operated car wash. Then I went to meet a friend in Ft. Worth, and we both chipped in on a pizza from a *GASP!!!* national pizza chain!!

If you people want to "boycott" every firm that's allegedly "been bad" in one way or the other, then be my guest. But I think it's ridiculous. Incidently, the PC you used to post your message to McSpotlight was very likely assembled by a multinational, probably has Microsoft Windows software (and we all know how evil Microsoft is), was retailed by a major multinational, and likely has chips and whatnot from Taiwan, Malaysia, and/or China, and your monitor was probably made in China (Many of 'em are!). Ironic, isn't it?

: For more info you can go to www.adbusters.org

: Please pass on the word. Thanx...

Here's my word: Go where you wanna go..Buy whatcha wanna buy.

: Nicki


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