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Please read this Dan

Posted by: The Lark ( ICA, Ireland ) on March 17, 1998 at 09:53:47:

In Reply to: where is my check? posted by Dan on March 16, 1998 at 15:57:36:

: Does that make me part of the super-rich?

No just a mug foolish enough to believe that everyone gets a fair bite at the cake which they dont and never will. You'd no doubt like to believe that through hard work and individualism you can be the rich man the exploitor rather than the exploited, Hell, that's the driving force in US life I'd even like to believe it but its simply not the case.

No rich guy's gonna die to clear the way for you or give you a chance to get on an even footing with him. Through inheritance what belonged to Jim Bob will be in the Bob family indefinitely.

When will you acknowledge this when all the world belongs to a set number of families or individuals who wont share but sure as hell will defend their liberty to crush anyone threatening to become a competitor?

:through school and church have worked in the inner city.

Ah the old hand in hand indoctrinators patriotism and theologians.

What happened to do onto others as you would have them do onto you, seems to me its been replaced by do on to others before they do on to you, huh, mike.

:Given I've had a few advantages but I'll still be paying of my school loans for the next decade.
As yes the rich are actually so hard done buy.

:People dont want handouts.
Yes they want security economic, social and political this doesnt mean the system you wish to defend.

:They want to make something of themselves for themselves (possibly one of the reasons why communism will never take off).

I definitely understand where your comming from Dan I'd love to believe that its all as it says in the constitution but its not THE DREAM OF LIBERTY HAS BEEN DAMAGED and its not by the Commies, single mums or any other social scapegoat.

I'd love to believe that under the present system the strivers can do so while the contented can live as they please e.g. bin men if they want to be with equal respect etc. between everyone but (racism etc. aside)its not capitalism is characturised by fear, fear of being destitute, fear of being a failure, fear of social stigma.

George Orwell in his book on the spanish civil war wrote about the new found optimism of the shoe shiners at the revolution it wasnt about money but respect and no longer having to cringe in the employers shadow.

I dont like the utopias of some of the commies either at times it's dangerously naive but I'd like to think there can be change for the better.

Cheers the Lark

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