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not without need of change but...

Posted by: Dan ( USA ) on March 20, 1998 at 10:04:14:

In Reply to: Please read this Dan posted by The Lark on March 17, 1998 at 09:53:47:

I dont believe everyone gets a fair shake, infact my original premis was that we need to give people a hand up not a hand out. That starts with a hand up. There must be a better way then welfare. I am not against helping people that need it but I believe there comes a time when you have to "push them out of the nest". I do believe there are opportunities out there. Unfortunately I dont have all the answers, but in that we are not converting to a communism tomorrow what can we do today to make people more self sufficient. The answer is not raising wages. There is a job surplus right now! We have to raise the people to the wages they desire.

Right now Im working two jobs to support my life style and my wife works also. If this makes us rich then great I'll live with that, but I see us as a struggling part of the working class. There are clear opportunities but you have to go after them. If you need help to get started great but I dont think they should be given out. This world is not without need of change but I dont think it needs the changes you are suggesting.

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