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I think you mixed up my reply

Posted by: Luke Kuhn ( Utopian Anarchist Party, USA ) on April 29, 1998 at 15:57:54:

In Reply to: By what rights do we humans TORTURE other animals posted by Dawn on April 23, 1998 at 09:48:02:

I think you mixed up my reply to Hannah Taylor(the testing advocate) with my RESPONSE to her-opposing animal testing. The browser I usually use is extremely primitive and has no editing capabilities at all(lynx)
as a result, I cannot delete the original message I am responding to from it,so it was still there,with my reply AFTER Hannah Taylor's tag line.

I AGREE with you and OPPOSE all animal testing-the rabbit's eye reference is, of course, a reply to the infamous Draize test. Sorry about any confusiojn of my position with the original post.

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