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Uh, Quincunx the truth twister.....

Posted by: Mike $prout on June 03, 1998 at 09:37:16:

In Reply to: Lame Insults as a Corporate Defense posted by Quincunx on June 02, 1998 at 09:50:21:

Since you are supposedly so good at 'researching', maybe you would be so kind as to post the Ontario unemployment rate before Harris came to power, and currently. How is a plunging unemployment rate bad for the poor? How is ridding the welfare system of fraud, ensuring the truly needy are taken care of (and reducing the stigmitization), bad? Lets face it, its time to admit the welfare state model didn't work, as Klein and Harris continue to prove the success of a free market, non-interventionist (at least less intervensionist) government. When are you going to join the rest of the world and give up on you're outdated assumptions?

I'm not surprised you(and your love for all and anything union) would be against any kind of educational initiative that might reflect badly on those poor underworkend teachers. Its about time something was done to expose the incompentacies of most, so something can be done to fix it. Its quite clear something was wron with the education of a population that would elect someone like Bob Rae.

: MS: oh yeah, that CBC is reall controlled by coeporate interests. All I can say is thank God Black is starting a national daily so at lest we'll have it, the Financial Post and maybe the Globe and Mail presenting unbiased viewpoints.

: Qx: Guess that shows how much you really love Canada. Not all. Instead of corporate funded CBC Canada will have a corporate monopoly dominated by Conrad Black whose ideas seem to come from the Spanish Inquisition instead of the twentieth century.

: MS: I don't think being a telemarketing phone operator qualifies you as an expert on polling.

: Qx: Oooh.. you don't know very much about me so keep on assuming.

: MS: Clearly the conservatives are on the rise, rather stunning considering the radical but very neccessary reforms they have implemented.

: Qx: Rather stunned praised but we have to expect this from someone who despises the poor and anything deemed not worthy of your praise and admiration. Namely anything that can't be bought. No wonder you sign your handle with a dollar sign. Human beings don't matter if corporate gain is impeded as far as you're concerned.

: MS: If the NDP manages to get their act together at all, the Harris sweep will be of historic perportions.

: Qx: If that happens the rising amount of homeless people and poverty will be acclaimed by the likes of Sprout no doubt.

: MS: As for spelling, remember I went to school BEFORE Harris reformed the system.

: Qx: If you went to school at all it doesn't seem to show except that you've learned to not question anything but what would get you through school. Now that Harris is in power I'm sure you can sympathize with the kids who have to take those stupidly long tests in order for the Conservatives to make political hay. No likely.

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