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If you define 'Cured' as able to lead a normal life

Posted by: Pro animal Research ( UK ) on January 21, 1999 at 15:15:03:

In Reply to: Animal Research has NOT cured human diseases. posted by j.citizen on December 10, 1998 at 05:05:04:

This is just my 2 pence worth

If you define 'Cured' as able to lead a normal life then animal research
has cured human diseases e.g epilepsy.

Since we share diseases with animals (cats and dogs have epilepsy, pigs and dogs can be diabetics, pigs can get surnburn and skin cancer. Higher primates get the flu and the common cold, therefore research on the above diseases is not only good for the animals but good for us.

I also have a personal reason for wanting animal research because my wife life has been saved due to drugs which have been tested on animals

Your point about there being more diabetics since the discovery of insulin is not true. It is like saying that we have had more floods in this country since T Blair was elected PM. Therefore T Blair has caused the floods.

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