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Animals have no soul

Posted by: CHERRY on February 01, 1999 at 18:24:12:

I am for animal research. I agree that people have gotten carried away with reseaching on animals for little things taht mean nothing to us.
Like.. Who cares about makeup.
We need to stick with the true reasons for animal research which is ti save a life. God gave Humans a soul he did not give animals a soul.
If you can take a animals life to save a humans life you have saved a soul.
God gave humans a heart and animals a heart but a soul lives forever a heart don't.
If you are a Christian or if you believe that there is a God then you should be able to see that people are created in the image of God with a soul and animals are not. I dont think we should hurt our animals but I do know forsure that animals do not have a soul and humand do and that there says alot.

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