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My saying to that is SOME!

Posted by: Faith (Ayano) ( none, Seattle, Washington United States ) on March 29, 1999 at 15:48:37:

In Reply to: animal testing is NOT okay posted by B. Skrinski on February 01, 1999 at 18:38:13:

:Did you know that some labs take animals off the street just so they dont have to pay for an animal bred in a lab.

My saying to that is SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I think that not many labs would do that unless they were very desperate! Who in their right mind would take an animal off the street and inject them with something, just for animal testing??? That animal might already have a disese and that would change the conclusion completly!

***And animals DO go though dramatic mental trauma and pain because they get left in cold metal cages.***

If they stay at the Vet over night, they have to go through the SAME Thing, they're put into cages, small ones, left alone, in the dark! So, to me you are saying, VETS, are making the Pets go through dramitic mental trama!!!

***often left to die in agony, beaten to death, or stuck in a mass gassing chamber to suffocate slowly.***

ONLY PEOPLE THAT ARE INSANE WOULD DO THAT!!!!! If they were cruel and inhumane they would do that, you don't do that to anyone or any animal! If they are going to KILL the animal they'll just shoot the poor thing! But you're saying that ALL the labs do this, and they AREN'T!!!! Who would do that??? You must be getting this information from lunitics that are crazy about this subject!

***Grossly enough, some animals don't even die then and are beaten to death, wondering what they did that was so wrong to earn such a harsh punishment. The animals suffer from agonizing pain, mental breakdowns and death, just so we can have makeup that won't make us break out in a rash.*** NO!!!!!! THAT'T IN A CIRCUS MAYBE BUT NOT TO TEST COSMETICS!!!! How can you say something that harsh!!!! No way would they do that!! My Aunt works with Cosmetics company, where they test the cosmetic on the animal, but they would NEVER DO THAT!!!! EVER!!!! The person would be arrested if they ever did that. Some people with PROBLEMS may, but not normal people, who have respect for the animals

: It's disgusting. We're supposed to be this great society with all this technology, and yet we don't even have the decency to respect and love the animals who were on this earth before we were born.

There are some people that are totally insane and do that because they have a problem...

In conclusion, I think that testing on animals for medical studies is OKAY!

McSpotlight: Gassing of unwanted animals is a common procedure, not merely in the labs, but also in food production; to quote Clare Druce on McDonald's chicken suppliers:

"So at day one they (male chickens) are sorted out into the sexes and all the males are gassed in bins with carbon dioxide. Or they are macerated in machines like huge food mixers.

People have actually found live birds when they should have been dead and reared them to maturity, but generally they simply die, after several minutes of struggling in the gas. It's not a certain process because carbon dioxide is a "heavy" gas (i.e. heavier than the majority of the atmosphere). So the higher they get in the bin, the less intense is the gas and the more likely they are to survive."

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