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been there done that and really enjoyed it!!!

Posted by: pam ( usa ) on May 01, 1998 at 10:44:15:

I have written several messages in this debating room, under my real name or nickname or no name. I use to work for McDonalds, and yes, I complained at times, like all of you. But, I still went in each day and did my duty. When we would get a bus with only 5 people working, I would swear under my breath but still try to motivate my crew into doing their best. I always rewarded them for doing just that their best. And in returned we would do $800.00 hours, on the night shift. Though it may sound silly that was my reward, being able to show the store manager our hourly report the next day, and just let him know that if "we" could do it at night, then there was no reason they couldnt do "it" during the day with less staff. They always and I do repeat always have at least 3-4 managers working during the day, and the norm would be at least 10-11 crew people, and only doing $500.00 to $600.00 an hour. But of course it never changed, so I quit complaining about the minimal staff I would have, and just pushed my self harder. I guess the reason I enjoyed it so much, is because I am a people person, and I loved my crew and my shift, and I didnt need to work, so the pressure others feel, I never felt that because I could have quit at any time. But never felt the need. And to add a silly comment I use to think working around all the grease helped improved my skins texture. No lie, I never had pimples, and never looked my age when I worked there, Swear to God that is the truth. But unfortunately I was fired after my 2 year daughter died when she was ran over. Oh beleive me, I was mad, hurt, anger, bewildered, that they would fire me, over my loss, and my inability to except my loss' easily. I say my loss' because my father died 28 days after my daughter. Am I healed now after this, no, I do admit that, I have my good days and then I have very hard days. Would I ever work for McDonalds again after the abuse and harsh treatment. Yes, I believe I would. That was just one out of 1000's of McDonald's. Yes, it was corporately owned, but the Oak Brook Headquarter was not the one to fire me. It was my human resorce person, in charge of the Detroit Region. I honestly beleive if the Oak Brook headquarters knew about my termination, and the pretense behind it, I never would have been fired, just put on a leave until I was suitable to go back. Though, I do now have a lawsuit against that particular McDonalds, here in Michigan. I do not fault or dislike other McDonalds, because of how I was treated by one. I would be a closed minded person if I did that. And that I am not, I am always open to new ideas, and always enjoyed the changes in McDonald's. Before being fired, I had worked for several McDonalds, it ranged from Phoenix, Az. Roseville Cailf. Orange Park Fl. to Chelsea, Michigan. and started when I was 17 years old. Then when it got to the point where money wasnt an issue in my life I continued to work for McDonalds. If you are so unhappy at the particular McDonalds you are currently working for, but enjoy working for "McDonald's", then get a release and go to another one, they are not all the same. And you may be surprised at how much you really like your job.

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