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Posted by: John Stamos ( USA ) on May 04, 1998 at 12:29:54:

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McDonald's like's young people because they are not experienced. They pay their workers very little for the work they do. There is always someone getting fired for reasons that would not even go to arbitration, let alone first stage. It's all your own fault for not unionizing. You let the owners and the "corporation" reap the profits while you put up with the bullshit. On friday night, the owner is having a dinner party while you guys are working your asses off. You're all working hard (managers and labourers) trying to please the boss. He/She does'nt care, they are entertaining the local social heads of your community. This will continue until you finally quit or get fired. you will look back one day and think, why did I put up with that. Big deal if a union brings down the bosses profit margin, don't worry they can afford it at $1 MIL+ to franchise. I know this because I thought of buying one but recently decided against it. The reason is that one day kids are going to get smart and I would eventually have to put in an 8 hour day. When one thinks about it, union shops are better when instituded. The wages are higher but less people get hurt,
every person has a desription, the company knows their rights, the employee knows his/her rights, prejudice is NOT tolerated, sexual harrassement is NOT tolerated. In a non union environment all above mentioned is grey area decided by the courts (if you have the funds to fight a corporation). Thank you for reading my message, I want young people to think for themselves. Start looking after yourselves (you know like the owner does).

John (ok i used to look like him before i went bald)

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