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Posted by: Pissed One ( usa ) on May 23, 1998 at 09:31:47:

In Reply to: crooks posted by mark on May 15, 1998 at 10:17:27:

I say to all McDickhead employees out there in corporate never, never land to Rip em off at every chance possible it is they who are the biggest crooks because Almighty GOD didn't speak the corporations into existence. These aren't holy institutions; they steal from you, you should steal from them --then quit because the bigger crime is what they do-and get away with. So shove you little pea-brain legalism up your ass hole. Oh and after you steal everything that is not nailed down--then tell your asshole of a boss that he can't fire you because YOU QUIT !!! Then go over to social services and lie and cheat and take all you can from this fucken government who are ripping everybody off with their fucken social security. We pay an average of 35% tax on income and get nothing-no nationalized medical, dental, retirement--nothing !!!!! They are ripping off money from our paychecks and when we retire we won't be able to collect--I say take everything they offer and lie if you have to to get it. TAKE EM FOR ALL THEY GOT !!
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