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Tugging on the wrong end of the thread

Posted by: Quincunx on June 16, 1998 at 09:30:54:

In Reply to: You should start with an easier target. posted by Quartet on June 02, 1998 at 15:18:27:

Qx: Since I'm not a sister I'll have to go and think that ruth was the intended target of the last posting.

: (I'm not sure, but aren't McD workers in Australia automatically in some sort of general service industry union? I know that they have automatic superannuation.)

Qx: Actually, I think you may be in a better position to know than I but McD's probably wouldn't allow for it if they can help it. The only place where McD's has unions is in Scandinavia. But the unions are coming whether McD's likes it or not.

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