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I have had to console crew member reduced to tears

Posted by: McManager on June 25, 1998 at 10:37:12:

In Reply to: Think About Your Actions As An Employe!! posted by Sarah F. on June 18, 1998 at 10:26:34:

Spending 2.95 in McDonald's does not buy you the right to have such an arrogant attitude towards the people who work there. I appreciate your anger about bad service, it's justified, but to assume we are ALL gutter material because we do not appear to be going somewhere with our lives is extremely insulting. You speak about people who work in McDonald's as if they were something you trod in accidentally, but I don't ask what you do for a living. I bet you don't get through a working day without shitting on somebody at some point, and I suppose we are an easy target, but we are human, believe it or not, and every human being deserves respect. I have had to console crew member reduced to tears by some of the things customers have said. Is that someone who doesn't care about their job ? But then again, to you it's not a real job, so our opinion doesn't really matter. As for your comments about qualifications, in my time I have employed a Cambridge graduate and a medical student (who incidentally had so little common sense it was frightening) But these go getters went places and left us losers behind. What a sad life we must lead ? I do hope in the future you get good service in McDonald's, but it's the prevailing attitude amongst insecure people like you who need to have someone to sneer and look down your nose at that gives many low skilled low paid workers a chip on their shoulder. You never know what's round the next corner, so watch out, you might be asking for a job at McDonald's when the axe falls where you work. And I would take extreme pleasure from knocking you back.


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