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Think About Your Actions As An Employe!!

Posted by: Sarah F. ( Missouri ) on June 18, 1998 at 10:26:34:

In Reply to: Maybe if you weren't so rude posted by Starr on June 16, 1998 at 09:41:20:

If your job is hell then why in the world do you stay working there? Sorry to say but most of your customers are very polite people who are just wanting something to eat, then they walk in and have to put up with employes like you standing behind the counter. You dont even give your customers a chance, and thats why you don't get a chance. I gave you guys plenty of chances to be much nicer, I went back, thinking that maybe that cashier might of had a bad day, trying to be reasonable about the situation but you failed. In reply to your "scribbling happy faces on a notepad" remark, I want to know exactly how many people with their masters and doctors degrees are standing in a kitchen, flipping burgers in a hamburger joint, asking "Would you like fries with that?" Those qualified, educated people are going places with their lives, doing something useful, making good money at a REAL JOB. For one, I would never work behind a McDonalds counter asking "Is that all for you today?", for two, how hard can it be to pull a stale burger off a rack and put it in a bag?, and for three, if being lazy, rude, ignorant, and nasty is what you call serving the customers the best you can well then you better like that job an awful lot because no employer is going to want you working for her in a real, sophiscated work enviroment. Your complaining about how you cant always be happy, well with that attitude youve already struck yourself out before the ball crossed the plate, and did you think that that attitude might be what inrages people like myself so much?!?! Give you a chance, what in the world?? I've given you and your greasy, fatty hamburgers plenty of chances, and you failed at all of them. If you arent all lazy, then you'd be out doing something useful with your lives. Think about how your attitude as an employee effects those attitudes of you customers next time you get some one who's had a bad day. You can do two things, you can add to it or you can change it. Maybe a smile and a thank you could make all the difference. And, yes some customers are very rude, but put them in their place, if they don't say thank you, well then just go ahead and say "Oh, Your Welcome!", dont take it out on the next innocent customer in line.

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