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Keeping the customer satisfied

Posted by: McD worker ( Canada ) on August 22, 1998 at 09:52:18:

In Reply to: Think About Your Actions As An Employe!! posted by Sarah F. on June 18, 1998 at 10:26:34:

And you say you give the employee the chance to be nice? Sounds like your on the defence before your being served? maybe your one of those cutomers who thinks that just because a person works at McD's they are of a lower class then you..its easy to judge standing on the opposite side of the counter just standing there staring at your watch while the employee is rushing trying to assemble the order as quickly as he/she can.....Most of us do our best to satisfy the customer...but there are those who think that because they had to wait 2 minutes to get a burger , it isn't fast food and the workers are slow....how long would it take to prepare your own burger at home?15-20 mins?

You say to consider your actions as an employee, what about the customer? are we the employees all of a sudden not as worthy as you because we stand behind a counter in a uniform serving you? Does that give you the right to be rude and ignorant towards us? i don't think so..granted there are bad employees out there just as their's bad customers!! Its not always the employee's fault!!

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