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McD's can afford to lose a few burgers here and there

Posted by: Eric Lynch ( IWW, USA ) on July 03, 1998 at 09:33:33:

In Reply to: Rippng Off McDonalds posted by P Sealre on June 15, 1998 at 13:43:37:

"Your attitude of 'the pay is bad so I DESERVE free food, etc' Is clearly sociopathic."...

No I'd say that your malicious attitude and lack of human connection to someonetrying to do what they cann to get by is pretty sociopathic... And your suggestion to "get an education" and get a better job is pretty ludicrous too... if it weren't for the incredible work ethic of the drastic'ly underpaid service workers and farm workers, how would food get to your table or your childs mouth?? ... also In case you didn't realize there is a severe lack of opportunity in the education department... how can someone pay for their education if they are working for poverty-level wages... you need a basic savings base just to keep from starving while waiting for the red-tape to clear and financial aid to kick in...
While I'm at it I think I might point out that YOU seem to have a problem with employees "ripping off" McD's But you don't seem to have a problem with McD's corporate-types making VERY comfortable wagess while the cashiers cooks middle management and other workers who actually MAKE THE WHOLE THING RUN struggle to get by...
THAT, my poor misguided, sociopath is the bigger "rip off"

Trust me, McD's can afford to lose a few burgers here and there- And
if the loss were to come right out of the pocket's of the corporate executives, they would still be living Very Comfortably.

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