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That's not the point!

Posted by: Mike Bacon ( Texas, USA ) on July 06, 1998 at 09:50:40:

In Reply to: McD's can afford to lose a few burgers here and there posted by Eric Lynch on July 03, 1998 at 09:33:33:

The long and the short of it is: That burger does NOT belong to you! You have no business taking it!!! Period!!! End of discussion!!!

Wait until your home is broken into by one of those "victoms of society" that you have so much compassion for!!! Perhaps you'll see the other side's view! When I lived at home, our Ft. Worth house was burglarized TWICE! The first time in '79, our garage was cleaned out! The second, in 1980, some other fucking bastards broke in through the back. They only took jewelry, but while I don't remember its worth, still it was ours and likely had sentimental value. The police also kind of chewed out my parents for "wasting their time" on this event. Being "middle class" we weathered both events fine, and wouldn't have been anywhere near the "poor house" if we didn't have insurance. Still, my dad worked his ass off for us and the comforts we all enjoyed. We didn't deserve those thugs taking our things. Later, my dad almost got his hubcaps stolen from his truck. He chased those thieves down, and got 'em back. I won't say how he did it, but those idiots DID have to change their fouled undershorts when they got home, that I'm sure of!!! He put the fear of God in 'em!

Getting back to stealing and McDonald's, most are privately-owned franchises, in case you forgot! It's not the owners' fault that they have to pay such high royalty fees to the Godfather (Ronald), and I'm sure their suppliers don't give 'em a break either, because they know the owners can't pick 'em! The owners have to eat too! And how much more do you want to pay for a burger and fries? The idiots who steal prevent everyone from getting raises, and we the consumer have to cover the cost as well!

You really need to think harder before you post!


McSpotlight: As an irrelevant aside, when did "burglarized" come into existence? Why not just use the word "burgled", which is the more usual English word for it?

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