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Corporate Greed Tends to get out of control

Posted by: Quincunx ( IWW ) on July 10, 1998 at 10:15:09:

In Reply to: Unions tend to get carried away. posted by Mike Bacon on July 09, 1998 at 09:33:42:

MB: Well, Jamal, why aren't you seeking employment elsewhere? The national news says the economy is the best it's ever been, HELP WANTED signs are EVERYWHERE.

Qx: Uh..I think that you should look at statistics from the government with a bit more of a critical eye Mike. Hel...when I lived in Texas HELP WANTED signs were everywhere (so to speak) and so was rampant greed that led to the S & L frauds not to mention unfair labor practices.

MB: Yes that location is one bad apple, but I'm sure there are other fast food joints in Macedonia. And I'm sure that Macedonians also visit the supermarket now and then (Hint! Hint!). Everybody has had a dickhead for a boss or a company full of 'em at one time or another. Get over it and move on!!!

Qx: I think you're missing the point here. If bosses are allowed to run over the rights of other human beings then it could easily be contagious. Just look at Texas from outside the confines of a bank environment and you might understand what I mean.

MB: The bad part about unions is you often have no say in where your dues go,

Qx: Then start campaigning for democracy in those unions or join the IWW where all members have a say in where their dues money go.

MB: and in the end the customers lose that means we all lose. I don't want to pay $5 for a Big Mac and over $2 for small fries to cover higher wages.

Qx: Then would you like to pay for higher prices due to McD's advertising campaigns, questionable charities or the high salaries of McD's executives?

MB:And as for this UAW business, I don't want to pay $30,000 for an underpowered and shitty-built econobox to cover some spoiled assembly-line employee's extravegant wage and 2-month vacation benefits package.

Qx: Whoa re you to say those people are spoiled? I think they do a great job considering the pressures of their jobs and what GM management wants them to produce.

MB: Total drive-out price on the compact truck I bought six months ago was bad enough ($12,000), at least it's a good vehicle.

Qx: Then perhaps you might want to start leasing or even buy something cheaper.

MB: What if all locations go on strike?

Qx: That would be great!

MB: That could be bad news for many franchise owners. If the business folds, what have you gained? They're not all bad! You admitted that yourself!

Qx: Keep in mind that McD's can only fold so many franchises before their cards are so few and far between that they realize that they spent far more money combatting union organizers than if they had decided to treat employees with respect in the first place.

MB: Let it go, and get on the job trail! It's a seller's market out there now.

Qx: I say join a union and start standing up for your rights.

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