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You have gotten it all wrong

Posted by: Jim Prhne ( US ) on July 11, 1998 at 18:57:21:

In Reply to: Don't Be Afraid posted by Here's a tissue on July 10, 1998 at 18:48:29:

: Fryin Bryan Drapp:

: How can you help this girl, when you couldn't get the necessary support in your three stores ? It looks like you don't care about
: anyone else you just want to be in the "SPOTLIGHT". I read the
: newspaper accounts about how you and your conspirator got fired. My
: family sure would'nt appreciate paint in their food. It sounds like
: if you were mature enough to act appropriately in this situation, you would probably gotten more support and sympathy. BUT UNTIL YOU CAN GET A LIFE AND GROW-UP AND LEARN TO HELP YOURSELF- YOU SHOULD'NT BE TAKING KIDS DOWN THE WRONG PATH. We all have people we have to answer to, even the almighty I.W.W. My guess is things will be different when you are a boss, right ? I'm sure you will have a follow-up to this message, which will not constitute an answer, you see Fryin Bryan I have to go to my crappy job so I can pay my bills and feed my family which I'm sure your family has and will do for you and till you grow-up
: or they get tired of your whining butt. P.S. TACO BELL IS HIRING !!!

I am very displeased with this letter. And if you really truly believed what you were saying you would be (man or woman) enough to a least write your name. I am a close friend of Bryan Drapp. You have gotten it all wrong. Bryan Drapp had nothing to gain by standing up to McDonalds. He did this for everyone is that McDonalds takes advantage of. Mcdonalds has harassed Bryan Drapp everyday do to the fact he support the union. The face paint was only an act of defiance against McDonalds for there illegal activities. Personally I feel that you should keep your mouth shut until you know all of the facts.

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