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You cannot afford to ignore the opinions of those you disagree with.

Posted by: The Trolley Dollies ( Northern Ireland ) on July 27, 1998 at 10:19:54:

In Reply to: Your opinion is irrelevant posted by Jason on July 21, 1998 at 19:53:00:

: I think that I will no longer bother trying to explain my opinions to you, since your interests as employers are diametrically opposed to my interests as a worker. Of course you disagree. What a surprise.

Actually, we are employees too, you know. Just a few rungs up from the crew in the grand scale of things. We certainly do not own the means of prouction. We are just slightly better paid and have more responsibility. And just because we disagree doesn't mean you should ignore us. What's the point in only having a debate with people who agree with you ?

: Where do you think my family is from? Well, I'll tell you. County Cork. Again, what a surprise, you misinterpreted what I said....

Oh dear. Hell hath no fury like a second generation Irishman scorned. Well sorry to disappoint you, we're not actually natives of the Old Country that brings such a nostalgic tear to your eye. You're not such a rare breed you know. As far as we know almost all yanks claim to be descendants of the Irish. Is that we're you get your empathy for the downtrodden from ? Anyway, enough of this bitching. You asked us what would we know - we're in Ireland. The fact that your granny comes from Cork doesn't explain much does it ?

Look. Here's the facts relating to our situation.

We are workers.
We have an opinion on work.
It is based upon our experiences in work.
It is just as valid as yours.

Are we not free to express our ideas and opinions, just like you ? If you can't take criticism don't stand up and make yourself a target. You cannot afford to ignore the opinions of those you don't agree with.

The Trolley Dollies

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